By Richard Downes, Washington Correspondent

Pity Mitt Romney. Before Super Tuesday all the commentators said that if he won a majority of the states being contested, he would be strengthened as a candidate. But on Sober Wednesday that had all changed.

He won six out of ten but still they were not happy. He was an ‘unconvincing’ candidate who ‘hadn’t sealed the deal’. Why the disconnect?

Well it is partly because the commentariat is keen to keep the story alive and partly because Mitt Romney is keeping it alive himself by his inability to convincingly win key states. Let’s be clear here.

Mitt Romney is probably the only candidate who can win the nomination. He is the only one with the machine and the money to go all the way and challenge Barack Obama. He has the backing of the grey suits in the party and is likely to sweep the nomination in the giant states of California and New York.

But he cannot win in the deep south and to try to appeal to the republican base there, he is moving ever closer to the right wing fringe, particularly on emigration.

That may well come back to haunt him in the general election if he becomes the candidate. After all, some of the most marginal states in the country have significant latino minorities which are sensitive about the issue.

But that is all in the future …. In the meantime, there’s the small matter of trying to ‘seal the deal’.