World's media descend on US capital

Anthony Murnane, Deputy Foreign Editor, is in Washington where he assesses the situation facing the country’s 133 million likely voters on Election Day. Washington is a bustling city around election time. The world’s media has descended in ‘the Nation’s Capital’ even though the candidates for the White House are usually in another place, their home states watching and waiting for the result. We congregate on rooftops overlooking the White House where banks of cameras are trained on presenters and reporters …

Virginia crucial to Romney's battle plan

By Robert Shortt in Virginia It’s quiet, cold and the sun is shining. Washington DC is eerily calm. It’s a professional city, full of ambitious people caught up in the cut and thrust of politics and all of its attendant courtiers in the lobbying and policy worlds. But the two tribes of American politics have migrated to the seven or so battleground states where this closest of elections has been fought.