By Richard Downes, Washington Correspondent So the Supreme Court of the United States will now be the final arbiter of whether President Obama’s modest health reforms will stand or fall. After three days of submissions and argument the judges will come back with an adjudication around the end of June. Oh yeah – and there is an election this year. An election for the Presidency of the United States! If ever there was the clear basis of a conflict between …

The ‘voodoo’ of venture capital

By Richard Downes, Washington Correspondent, in San Francisco The Government has announced an investment of around €60 million in a venture capital fund, aimed at putting money into Irish companies and also getting the venture capital firms to set up in Ireland. How realistic is this? Richard Moran is an American legend. He is one of a hundred or so people in San Francisco who are counted in the top tier of venture capitalists.

When a win is not a win …

By Richard Downes, Washington Correspondent Pity Mitt Romney. Before Super Tuesday all the commentators said that if he won a majority of the states being contested, he would be strengthened as a candidate. But on Sober Wednesday that had all changed. He won six out of ten but still they were not happy. He was an ‘unconvincing’ candidate who ‘hadn’t sealed the deal’. Why the disconnect?

Ten Chances to Shine

By Richard Downes, Washington Correspondent For the four candidates left in the Republican race to become the nominee for the general election later this year, today, Super Tuesday, is a big day. It may not be the end of the world if they don’t do well, but it is close to being over if they fail to make a mark.