Five things we learned at ESOF 2014

By Will Goodbody, Science & Technology Correspondent, in Copenhagen @willgoodbody For those addicted to science, ESOF 2014 in Copenhagen was the perfect fix. For six days, the Danish capital was transformed into a city of science, attracting around 4,500 delegates from all over the world. There were hundreds of lectures, discussions, exhibitions, demonstrations and side events, on science itself, the policies underpinning it, the careers around it, the links to business and even the art the flows from it. Science …

Bank inquiry hobbled before it begins

It is still some months before the bank inquiry will commence public hearings – but what we are learning about its scope and design gets worse by the week. The latest blow is that the investigation won’t be able to probe Cabinet discussions on the night of the bank guarantee in September 2008.

ESOF 2014: What to expect

By Will Goodbody, Science & Technology Correspondent @willgoodbody Robotic warfare. Big data. The Arctic. Drugs. Mining the Moon. Smart pills. Antibiotic resistance. Just a tiny handful of the weighty topics that will be grappled with in Copenhagen over the coming week, as the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) 2014 gets underway.

Taxdodger News – Brussels edition

By Economics Correspondent Sean Whelan The Brussels Economic Forum was on earlier this week: I was there hoping to hear ideas on how to refloat the European economy. Meanwhile across the road, the European Commission opened a new front on Ireland’s corporate tax system.

Netflix and the battle for net-neutrality

By Will Goodbody, Science & Technology Correspondent @willgoodbody The latest monthly index from movie and TV streaming, Netflix, which ranks which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) it claims provide the best prime time Netflix streaming experience in Ireland, makes interesting reading. UPC came out top this time, rising three places since the last survey in April, with an average streaming speed of 3.01Mbps. Netflix says it carries out the survey to provide “transparency and help consumers understand the Internet access they’re …

What does Wilbur Ross’ BoI sell-off mean for the taxpayer?

  Many investors will be unnerved by the unexpected decision of Wilbur Ross, the billionaire US, to sell his entire stake in Bank of Ireland. His move to buy the stake three years ago rescued the company from full State ownership and was the first time a big outside player had put money into Ireland’s ailing banks. Since then international money has flooded into the country to buy distressed property assets. It was not only prompted by the decision by …