Reflections on my first year as Science & Tech Correspondent

By Will Goodbody, Science and Technology Correspondent @willgoodbody Last week marked twelve fast-paced, fun, demanding and extremely interesting months since I was appointed as RTE’s first Science and Technology Correspondent. Over the course of that first action packed year, I’ve had the great privilege of interviewing Nobel prize winning scientists, the bosses of some of the biggest multinational tech firms and the leaders who frame and influence science and research policy here and elsewhere.

IMF focuses on distressed loans

  The latest IMF Global Financial Stability Report contains a substantial item on distressed bank loans in the Euro Area. It comes to the conclusion that “without significant policy efforts to address the burden of nonperforming loans, some economies may find that they remain stuck in the mire of low profitability, low credit, and low growth”.  Isn’t there some phrase invoking the name of Sherlock Holmes that’s appropriate for revelations like that? But still, the IMF attempts to quantify the …