Lessons from the Paul McGuinness school of business

By Arts & Media Correspondent Sinead Crowley Saturday, June 27th 1987. I’m 13, my jeans are stonewashed and I have a job in the local shop that pays a pound an hour. A customer looks at me sadly. “Are you not at the concert?” “Oh, tomorrow,” I tell her. “I’m going tomorrow.” “Ah that’s grand. All the young people should go to the concert.” There was no need to specify which gig. U2 took over the country that month.

ECB wanted Ireland to take credit line, but Kenny decided to go it alone

  by Business Editor David Murphy The biggest question regarding Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s announcement that Ireland is exiting the bailout without a credit line is whether it was the right thing to do. The ECB last week said it would be prudent to have the support of a back-up facility. But the Cabinet has decided to go it alone instead. The reality is that without a new German government in place, there was nobody to which Ireland could have applied …