What’s negative about rising property prices?

By Business Editor David Murphy The surge in Dublin property prices is making some people feel uncomfortable. They fear it could lead to cheerleading about the market. After all, it was that glorification of unsustainable prices which partly caused Ireland’s chaotic crash in the first place. This prompts an interesting question. Are rising property prices a good thing?

Back to the future – the IMF’s advice in 1999

By Economics Correspondent Sean Whelan Given all the recent talk about the Government seeking advice on the end of the Troika bailout, here is some that wasn’t taken on board as the last century ended – the last paragraph in particular.

Building a bridge for the pensions gulf

By Business Editor David Murphy When Governments create new taxes they tend to be reluctant to abolish them. So it was not surprising when it was announced that the Pensions Levy would continue to harvest capital in 2014 and 2015, even though its abolition had been promised for next year.

Dull document masks budgetary dynamite

  By Economics Correspondent Sean Whelan A potential outbreak of revolution has been picked up on RTÉ’s early warning political radar system. On Friday the European Commission published a document with the reassuringly dull title “2014 draft budgetary plans of the Euro Area: overall assessment of the budgetary situation and prospects”. …And they wonder why this stuff doesn’t get on the TV very often. But stick with it, this one could be the start of something big.

Console Wars – Xbox One v PS4

Xbox One goes on sale here on November 22nd By Will Goodbody, Science & Technology Correspondent @willgoodbody Brace yourself. A battle is about to take place in the technology and gaming industry, the likes of which hasn’t been seen for almost a decade. Because, over the next fortnight, Microsoft and Sony are launching their new generation of gaming consoles. The launches of the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 will kick off a massive, multi-billion euro battle for market share, …

Lessons from the Paul McGuinness school of business

By Arts & Media Correspondent Sinead Crowley Saturday, June 27th 1987. I’m 13, my jeans are stonewashed and I have a job in the local shop that pays a pound an hour. A customer looks at me sadly. “Are you not at the concert?” “Oh, tomorrow,” I tell her. “I’m going tomorrow.” “Ah that’s grand. All the young people should go to the concert.” There was no need to specify which gig. U2 took over the country that month.

ECB wanted Ireland to take credit line, but Kenny decided to go it alone

  by Business Editor David Murphy The biggest question regarding Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s announcement that Ireland is exiting the bailout without a credit line is whether it was the right thing to do. The ECB last week said it would be prudent to have the support of a back-up facility. But the Cabinet has decided to go it alone instead. The reality is that without a new German government in place, there was nobody to which Ireland could have applied …

Cash flow (Newbridge edition)

By Economics Correspondent Sean Whelan Hourly reporting.  That’s what the Central Bank imposed on Newbridge Credit Union back at the end of July.  The regulator wanted to know how much cash was leaving the credit union every hour. Why? – because the members had started pulling their savings out, and hourly reporting would give the Central Bank a head start on knowing if a run was underway. Every business hour, the Special Manager sent a note of Newbridge Credit Unions liquidity position …

Getting under the surface of Surface Pro2 and Sony QX100 smartphone lens

By Will Goodbody, Science and Technology Correspondent @willgoodbody SONY DSC-QX100 WIRELESS SMARTPHONE LENS Sony DSC-QX100 – clever but at a cost When it comes to new gadgets, some are smart, others are innovative. But the new DSC-QX100 (and its little brother the QX10) detachable smartphone lenses from Sony are undoubtedly both smart and innovative. The principle is this. On your mobile handset you probably have a reasonably good camera, with gazillions of megapixels, and software giving you lots of post …

Web Summit 2013 scaled new heights

Elon Musk was this year’s biggest draw By Will Goodbody, Science and Technology Correspondent @willgoodbody It is sometimes said that journalists are for the most part cynical. Always knocking. Forever trying to find fault. Prone to concentrate on the negative. And unlikely to give credit where credit is due. It may or may not be true…. But either way, today it is only fitting to acknowledge the fantastic event that was Dublin Web Summit 2013. Or “The Summit”, as it …