Is Ulster Bank going to quit Ireland?

The British taxpayer has sunk almost €18 billion into Ulster Bank, but the big question is whether it is in the interest of its owner to massively scale back its Irish operations. It is a decision which has far-reaching ramifications for consumers, businesses and the economy.

The business of developing fun – Gamescom 2013

By Will Goodbody, Science & Technology Correspondent @willgoodbody Imagine an exhibition centre the size of the RDS. Then multiply it by ten. Add in 600 exhibitors, with stands ranging in size from a single table to a large family home. Mix in lights, big screens, loud movie style music, the very latest in gaming technology and 275,000 people, predominantly male and under 30. Oh, and don’t forget the money – lots and lots of it. Now, you’re probably starting to …

Rising prices changes the property game

By Business Editor David Murphy When it comes to residential property, many people are understandably sceptical of any talk of a recovery. The sight of a smooth-talking estate agent telling them prices are on the up is little comfort for those who bought at the peak of the boom. However the reality is that the cost of buying a home is rising in Dublin, and has been for some time.

One step closer to education system’s ‘Eureka’ moment?

By Will Goodbody, Science and Technology Correspondent @willgoodbody Today is a big important day in the lives of Leaving Cert students around the country. For many, the results they received this morning will set them on a course and help shape the rest of their lives. Others will face hard choices and a re-evaluation of what it is they intend do next. Whatever they have achieved, they must all be congratulated and supported as they choose the path ahead. But …

Paying a price for superfast mobile broadband

  By Will Goodbody, Science and Technology Correspondent @willgoodbody If you are wondering what the cost of 4G will be when the Irish operators start offering it here from the autumn, a few clues are emerging from across the water. A few hints too as to the inducements they may offer to get people to adopt early. Last week O2 announced details of its launch of 4G in Britain. Today it was the turn of Vodafone. It will launch on …

Drumm laid bare by Anglo tapes

By Business Editor David Murphy The Anglo tapes are riveting listening. Perhaps the most illuminating aspect to them is the insight they give into the mindset of the bank’s then CEO David Drumm. Clearly he held Irish authorities in contempt and that attitude infected the Anglo’s culture from the top down. If the problem was down to one man it would have been easier to fix – but it was more widespread.