Work to do for Irish exporters

By Business Editor David Murphy There has been much discussion about Ireland being an export-led economy. The country’s track record at selling goods abroad has been highlighted as a bright spot in an otherwise troubled economic landscape. This leads to the question: Are Ireland’s exports are sufficiently focussed on the high growth markets? So far the evidence is mixed according to the Irish Exporters Association.

Irish scientists at CERN’s cutting edge

By Will Goodbody, Science and Technology Correspondent  In a corner of the CMS detector experiment control room at CERN, there sits a collection of empty champagne bottles. Each one tells its own story of celebration. Individual measures of success achieved over a five year period in the cavern housing the gigantic CMS detector 100 metres below. A similar collection also sits in a corner of the LHCb detector control room, and presumably in the control rooms of Atlas and Alice, the other …

A stroll down Haddington Road

By Economics Correspondent Sean Whelan The Civil Service have already received their first pay packet of the new, post-Haddington Road Agreement era and, for most, it was not a pleasant experience. That is especially true for those earning more than €65,000 a year, who saw cuts to their core pay that should save the State €210 million over the next three years. And not only have the management grades had their pay cut, they are now being threatened with the …

4G coming soon to a network near you

by Science and Technology Correspondent Will Goodbody @willgoodbody Watch my report here: 4G is coming soon to a network near you. And over the past couple of days we in RTE News have had access to Vodafone’s pilot base stations, in several locations. That’s given us a chance, albeit an early one, to see what 4G might bring, when all four operators with licences begin launching their networks in the autumn. Before we tell you about our experience of …

Portuguese turmoil endangers euro calm

By Economics Correspondent Sean Whelan Apart from the Cyprus upheaval (and, OK, it was a pretty big upheaval), things have been fairly quiet on the old “eurozone crisis” front for about a year. But now it looks like that calm period may be in danger of coming to an end.