To ICT, or not to ICT?

  By Will Goodbody, Science and Technology Correspondent @willgoodbody This weekend Leaving Cert students across the country will have some thinking to do. Their exams may be over – already a fading bad dream from which they have awoken. But Monday July 1st is the closing date for the return of CAO Change of Mind forms. And it is this choice, coupled with the results due in a few weeks time, that will for many dictate what direction their future …

Traces of Troika will linger long after bailout

By Business Editor David Murphy Gerry Adams’s infamous expression about the IRA that “they haven’t gone away you know” is a fitting description for the role of the Troika after Ireland leaves the bailout. The spectacle of suited economists clutching laptop cases scuttling into the Department of Finance to pore over the books will be less frequent than before. But the nameless number crunchers won’t vanish entirely. Instead of four “review missions” every year there will be two. That will …

Looking at data protection through the prism of national security

By Will Goodbody, Science and Technology Correspondent @willgoodbody Hands up how many people were surprised to learn that US security authorities have access to the phone records and the server traffic of the biggest telecom and internet companies in the world? The “revelations” in the Washington Post and Guardian this week that the National Security Agency is trawling data relating to non-US citizens on the systems of giants like Microsoft, Google, YouTube and others may have made for strong headlines.

How not to tax (Phil Hogan take note)

By Business Editor David Murphy They say history repeats itself for those who weren’t watching the first time. Thus there is a lesson to be learned from the larger-than-expected number of people who registered for the Local Property Tax by last week’s deadline, compared to the poor figures for the €100 household charge.